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Mission Statement – The Real Cougar Woman®

The mission of The Real Cougar Woman® is to re-connect women to their power.  Too often women lose sight of their precious dreams because of the demands that life puts on them.  Too often women are conditioned by old fashioned role models that put them last on the priority list.   We want to refocus those priorities so they can soar to new heights.

The Real Cougar Woman® is a fabulous female who is not afraid to explore the outer limits of who she really is.  She is not afraid to try new things, and even if she is, does it anyway. Above allThe Real Cougar Woman® takes responsibility for her own happiness weighing carefully what’s working and what’s not in her life.  She has learned to embrace change because she knows it’s not about what happens to her – it’s all about her attitude about those changes.

Linda Franklin started to help other women and also reap the benefits of hearing their stories.  She was starting to experience all the changes that a woman approaching 50 goes through.  Linda calls it her “tsunami of change”.  She did lots of research and when she felt reconnected to her own power she began to share the information with other women.  We may think we are separate but all women share so many of the same experiences.  Talking about our lives is the best therapy.  Knowing you are not hanging out on a limb all by yourself does wonders.

Linda’s 5-Carat approach to living a full and vibrant life works.  A woman who understands the importance of her health, beauty, finances, relationships and spiritual beliefs will shine.  You need all 5 carats to work together because when one is ignored the others will suffer.

The Real Cougar Woman® Blog is a great resource for women of all ages.  Our 5-Carat content is geared to what women need and what they want.