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Sunday, May 20, 2018





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Shining Service Worldwide™ is unique.  We serve all women who are connected to our military -  active duty, veterans and military spouses.  These courageous women have very special needs and too often those needs are disregarded. They don’t typically ask for help but that doesn’t stop us.  At Shining Service we are dedicated to giving our women the support they deserve and a strong voice that prevents them from falling through the cracks.


Our work is based on the principle that when  you empower a woman with the proper tools and a strong, supportive community she will thrive after her military service. 



                               Our Women Of Service Committed To Helping Us -  Now it’s our turn to help them.



Shining Service Worldwide™ is proud to be a special project under the umbrella of our Fiscal Sponsor, United Veterans Beacon House, Inc, a not-for-profit charitable organization dedicated to providing transitional housing to our nation’s veterans. 

Warmest regards,
Linda Franklin, Founder


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